‘RHOA’ Exclusive Preview: Drew Fills Kenya & Sheree In On Her ‘Aggressive’ Confrontation With Marlo

‘RHOA’ Exclusive Preview: Drew Fills Kenya & Sheree In On Her ‘Aggressive’ Confrontation With Marlo
Jun 2023

Drew Sidora wasn't present during the May 28 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, so when she reunites with the ladies this week, she'll be spilling all the tea on her heated confrontation with Marlo Hampton. In case you missed it, Marlo went off on Drew two weeks ago when she became "triggered" by Drew not asking Kandi Burruss enough questions about the shooting that occurred at her restaurant, Blaze. Marlo's nephew was previously killed in a shooting, so this recent conversation about a second shooting within the group certainly made her feel a certain way.

Anyway, in this week's episode Drew sits down with Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield to tell them about her awkward and very heated interaction with Marlo. Kenya tells Drew that from what she understood about the incident, "[Marlo] had a problem with you for not being hard enough on Kandi", and Drew says that's correct.

Drew explains, "Everybody was leaving. I went outside and said goodbye. I go back in the venue and she literally is on attack mode. Like [telling me], 'You went too easy on Kandi because you didn't use the word [shooting]."

"Why is that any of your business anyway?" Kenya asks Drew, to which she says, "I don't do well with people standing in my face, coming in my personal space, and being aggressive. Especially for no reason."

Sheree explains that Marlo told her a different story. She says Marlo said she was "sitting down" and Drew was "over her". Drew says that, yes, she was standing and Marlo was sitting when the conversation started, but Marlo eventually "stood up" and got in her face, but she's not surprised that Marlo left that part out of the story.

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