And Just Like That... Season 2 Trailer: Carrie Patches Up Old Wounds With Aidan (But Not Samantha) — Watch!

And Just Like That... Season 2 Trailer: Carrie Patches Up Old Wounds With Aidan (But Not Samantha) — Watch!
Jun 2023

And Just Like That...'s Carrie is moving on, in a not-Big way.

A new trailer for Max's Sex and the City's sequel series gives us a little more context for Ms. Bradshaw's reunion with former fiance Aidan -- she sends him an email titled "Hey Stranger...," they meet for a dinner where he tells her "Sitting here with you is like 10 years just" as he snaps his fingers -- but offers no hint of the coming conversation in which we're most interested.

We're talking, of course, about a forthcoming phone call between Kim Cattrall's Samantha and Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie, news of which broke Wednesday. TVLine has confirmed that Cattrall, who was a series regular on Sex and the City but who has had a complicated relationship with the show and its cast and creators in recent years, recently filmed a cameo that will appear in And Just Like That...'s upcoming second season. Though the sequel has established that Carrie and Samantha are in contact via text, the cameo will be the first time the character appears on screen.

There's no hint of Cattrall in the trailer released Thursday. The video does, however, offer a sense of foreboding about Miranda's relationship with Che, a highly intoxicated Charlotte, a lusty appreciation of one-night stands from Nya and -- in a sure sign of the apocalypse, Carrie using her kitchen to cook. ("Did you know stoves aren't just for storage?" she asks as she poaches an egg.)

Season 2, which will premiere on Thursday, June 22, will see John Corbett appear in multiple episodes as Aidan, as well as the addition of Tony Danza (Who's the Boss?), who will also join the cast in Season 2 as himself-playing-the-TV-dad of Che.

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