Brooke Shields Explains Why She 'Fought' Against Daughter Grier, 17, Becoming a Model

Brooke Shields Explains Why She 'Fought' Against Daughter Grier, 17, Becoming a Model
Brooke Shields
Jun 2023

Brooke Shields is sharing her true thoughts on her daughter Grier Henchy getting into the modeling business.

Earlier this week, the 58-year-old actress appeared on Live with Kelly and Mark where she opened up about her 17-year-old daughter's blossoming modeling career.

During the interview, Brooke explained why she "fought" against her daughter getting into the business.

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"The rules have changed since I was [a model]," Brooke started.

She went on to say that Grier has been doing "little things here and there," but admitted that she really didn't want her daughter to become a runway model.

"I fought it for so long," Brooke said. "It's such a different industry now than it was."

Brooke noted that there are added pressures that today's models have to face, saying, "We didn't have social media when I was a model," adding that the industry has become "a rat race."

When she was younger, Brooke focused on print modeling and didn't walk in runway shows, and she fears for "ridiculously stunning" Grier who has been "interested in runway."

"That's brutal and backstage is just brutal," Brooke said. "I never did runway, I don't think I would've been able to handle it."

Eventually, Brooke "had to give in" to her daughter, but she has set some very strict ground rules.

"'You are going to have a great work ethic, it's not going to be comfortable, and you're going to listen to me, those are my rules,'" Brooke recalled telling Grier, adding that her daughter must also still enroll in college.

Along with Grier, Brooke shares daughter Rowan, 20, with husband Chris Henchy.

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