Librarians Sequel Series Ordered at CW — Will Flynn, Eve & Co. Be Back?

Librarians Sequel Series Ordered at CW — Will Flynn, Eve & Co. Be Back?
May 2023

The CW is reopening the book on The Librarians, ordering a spinoff of the TNT series five years after its cancellation.

Aptly titled The Librarians: The Next Chapter, the sequel will center on "a 'Librarian' from the past, who time traveled to the present, and now finds himself stuck here," according to the cryptic logline. "When he returns to his castle, which is now a museum, he inadvertently releases magic across the continent. He is given a new team to help him clean up the mess he made, forming a new team of Librarians."

Original series creator Dean Devlin -- who is also behind Amazon Freevee's Leverage revival -- serves as executive producer and showrunner. As for whether any familiar faces will return, CW entertainment president Brad Schwartz tells TVLine that they are "one-hundred percent" trying to get at least one original Librarians cast member to at least put in a cameo and pass the proverbial baton.

The Librarians franchise started off as a series of made-for-TV movies headlined by ER vet Noah Wyle. He played titular librarian Flynn Carsen in 2004's Quest for the Spear, 2006's Return to King Solomon's Mines and 2008's Curse of the Judas Chalice, and later recurred on The Librarians, which aired for four seasons between 2014 and 2018. The series starred Rebecca Romijn (as Eve Baird), Christian Kane (as Jacob Stone), Lindy Booth (as Cassandra Killian), John Kim (as Ezekiel Jones) and John Larroquette (as Jenkins).

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