Raiders of the Lost Ark Is Coming Back to Theaters

Raiders of the Lost Ark Is Coming Back to Theaters
May 2023

As fans prepare for the June 30 arrival of Indiana Jones and Dial of Destiny, Lucasfilm is making that adventure as fun as possible. First up, the original film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, will return to theaters for two days on June 4 and 7. Then, that film as well as the others will be getting their first-ever individual 4K disc releases on June 6, perfect to finish the rewatch before the new movie.


The Raiders rerelease is not a major theatrical rollout like Return of the Jedi earlier this month. It's a Fathom event only taking place on June 4 and 7 and tickets can be purchased by heading to the Fathom Events website. A quick look at my local area, Los Angeles, shows AMC, Cinemark, and Regal theaters all participating in the event with showtimes at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. each day. So you should have some options. And while Fathom Events can be very hit or miss from a quality standpoint, you'd imagine Lucasfilm will do its best to ensure the best possible presentation.

Especially when we know that new scans of all the original film negatives exist. How do we know that? Well, they were used for all of the 4K discs that will be released on June 6. Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull are all getting the HDR upgrade courtest of 4K scans of the original negatives. Director Steven Spielberg then approved extensive work done to improve each and every frame and each movie was reworked at Skywalker Sound to get a Dolby Atmos soundtrack. All the discs also come with digital codes.

And while, yes, the Indy films had previously been available on 4K, they were only available as a box set. This is the first time you can buy them individually. Though, to be frank, we aren't sure why you'd just want one movie and not the whole set. Unless you just really, really hate Crystal Skull and refused to buy the box set cause it was in there.

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So to recap: Raiders of the Lost Ark in theaters June 4 and 7. All four movies on 4K June 6. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny in theaters June 30. For more info, head to the official website.

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