Remembering Little Richard, ‘Manifest’ Finale, Road Trip with Guy and ‘Searching for Soul Food’

Remembering Little Richard, ‘Manifest’ Finale, Road Trip with Guy and ‘Searching for Soul Food’
Jun 2023

American Masters profiles rock 'n' roll pioneer Little Richard. Netflix drops the final episodes of rescued-from-cancellation apocalyptic thriller Manifest. Foodies can take a road trip through America with Guy Fieri and his family, then travel the globe seeking regional soul foods with celebrity chef Alisa Reynolds.

Remembering Little Richard, ‘Manifest’ Finale, Road Trip with Guy and ‘Searching for Soul Food’
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American Masters

Back in his prime, Little Richard could boast The Beatles and The Rolling Stones as his opening acts. A true pioneer of rock 'n' roll, the defiantly flamboyant Little Richard gets the American Masters treatment in documentary Little Richard: King and Queen of Rock and Roll which tells his story through audio recordings made by his authorized biographer Charles White ("Dr. Rock"). Keith Richards and Ringo Starr are among those singing Little Richard's praises.

Remembering Little Richard, ‘Manifest’ Finale, Road Trip with Guy and ‘Searching for Soul Food’
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Season Premiere

The "death date" is upon us as the mystical apocalyptic thriller drops its final 10 episodes, promising answers to questions that defy explanation, or possibly exposition, regarding the survivors of mysterious Montego Air Flight 828. Closure was never guaranteed when NBC canceled the series after three series, only for Netflix to come to the rescue for a two-part final season. As these last chapters open, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) is still reeling from husband Zeke's (Matt Long) sacrifice, but at least she has old flame detective Jared (J.R. Ramirez) around to help investigate the latest twists as the 828ers and the rest of humanity face their final test.

Remembering Little Richard, ‘Manifest’ Finale, Road Trip with Guy and ‘Searching for Soul Food’
Food Network

Guy's All-American Road Trip

Season Premiere

It's a family affair when Guy Fieri packs up wife Lori and sons Hunter and Ryder to take an RV road trip through Appalachia to sample the tastiest treats Kentucky and Tennessee have to offer. In the opener, they journey back to the Old West in Bowling Green, Ky., and engage in an ice cream making contest at Chaney's Dairy Barn before taking laps while visiting the National Corvette Museum.

Remembering Little Richard, ‘Manifest’ Finale, Road Trip with Guy and ‘Searching for Soul Food’

Searching for Soul Food

Series Premiere

More fun for foodies as Onyx Collective presents an eight-part global culinary travelogue featuring celebrity chef Alisa Reynolds, whose goal is to discover what passes for soul food in cultures around the world. She starts more locally in Mississippi, Oklahoma and, again, Appalachia, before jetting to Cape Town, South Africa, Naples in Italy, Jamaica and Peru then coming full circle to her home base of Los Angeles.

Remembering Little Richard, ‘Manifest’ Finale, Road Trip with Guy and ‘Searching for Soul Food’
Apple TV+


When is a Pez dispenser more than a Pez dispenser? When it's a forbidden relic from past times that could get spell doom for the object's owner. As the underground silo's new sheriff Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) continues investigating recent murders and their connection to the illegal trade in relics, she reflects on her relationship with her late lover George (Ferdinand Kingsley), who was fond of mulling Big Existential Questions like, "Don't you ever think about the world beyond the silo?" Words like that can get you killed in this subterranean society, and it looks like we're about to get the curtain pulled back to see what's really going on in and outside of this strange future world. And can we have a shout-out to Harriet Walter, who not only plays Juliette's confidante Martha on this show but appeared earlier this week as two very different mother figures in the finales of HBO's Succession and Apple's Ted Lasso. Talk about range.


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