Revived 80s-Style Sneakers

Revived 80s-Style Sneakers
May 2023

The AVIA 830 and 880 high-tops are being relaunched to bring back the quintessential 80s-style sneakers for avid collectors alike to incorporate into their wardrobe. The sneakers will call to mind the original versions that basketball players donned during the decade, and feature EVA and rubber midsoles, leather uppers and a large padded nylon tongue. Each of the high-top sneakers are positioned as perfect for avid fans of the decade to pick up and come packaged in shoe boxes that are exact replicas of the originals.
The AVIA 830 and 880 high-tops are limited to 500 and 1,000 examples, respectively, and are priced starting at $180. The sneakers come as part of a larger wave of reissued fashion styles that bring back retro footwear and garments.
Image Credit: AVIA