Vitamin C Skincare Sticks

Vitamin C Skincare Sticks
May 2023

Peace Out Skincare's Vitamin C Glow Stick is a potent, conveniently packaged solution for achieving glowing, smooth and hydrated skin. This vitamin-enriched skincare products boasts a mess-free format that's easy to apply on the go, and it shares the benefits of a 6% C complex blend.
The solid serum contains not just one but four types of Vitamin C peptides, plus caffeine for an instant brightening effect. This compact product effectively targets dull, textured skin, as well as fine lines and wrinkles with a swipe.
"Now in my 30's, the health and glow of the skin under and around my eyes has become much more of a focus for me, says Enrico Frezza CEO & Founder of Peace Out Skincare, "I created this powerful Vitamin C Glow Stick to give an instant glow while gently working to soften the look of fine lines and texture around the eyes."